Meet Your Massage Therapists

Serra Wobbema, Owner/Licensed Massage Therapist and Yoga Instructor, LA#5112

Serra Wobbema has a decade of experience working with the physical body as a Licensed Massage Therapist. She graduated in September 2006 from the 1000-hour Boulder College of Massage Therapy (BCMT) program in Boulder, Colorado, which has a reputation of being the “Harvard or Yale” of massage schools. BCMT places major emphasis on Anatomy and Physiology studies, as well as Structural and Clinical Kinesiology sciences to form an extremely well-rounded understanding of the physical body.

Serra has maintained a regular yoga practice since August 2014, when she chose to go on a self-love mission to improve her body and her life. Because of her extensive studies of the body, she was naturally drawn to Anusara Yoga and its alignment principles. Since then, she has completed Swan River’s Yoga Alignment and Yoga Therapy workshops, as well as the Restorative Yoga Teacher Training with Kelly Haas and Michelle Baker. She completed the 400-hour Swan River Yoga Teacher Training in December 2016.

Serra’s life has drastically changed since she began her yoga practice. She has lost 100 pounds, and no longer has chronic low back pain. She is more physically capable of maintaining a steady massage clientele than ever before. Burnout was not an option, because her passion in life is to help others feel connected to all the levels of the body, from the physical to the mental, and the spiritual. This human experience is tough on our physical vessels, but with the tools that yoga gives us combined with healing touch, it can be a much more pleasurable journey.