We work with anyone no matter what race, gender, sexual preference, age or religion. The relationship we, as the therapists, have with you, the client, remains strictly professional and therapeutic. Although it is out of our scope of practice to diagnose any physical or mental conditions, we would be happy to refer you to another health professional who can.
Your health history and any other information you share over the phone, or before, during and after a session, is strictly confidential. Only if it is legally subpoenaed will your health information be released.
Please take into consideration that most of this work is performed directly onto the skin. So please arrive as clean as possible, and we promise to do the same. Please avoid smoking before the session for it will have adverse effects on what the massage is intended to do as well as negatively impact the therapeutic environment. Also, eating before the session is okay as long as it’s something nice and light. If you are sick with a contagious illness, please call and reschedule the appointment, because it is very important that we maintain my health for your sake as well as other clients.
Privacy and Draping
Before each session, we will leave the room to give you privacy to disrobe to your comfort level, and we will knock before re-entering to make sure you are ready. The same will occur following the session. You may choose to remain fully clothed if you wish, but these sessions will not include any Swedish massage techniques.

We are able to massage more of your body if you have completely undressed, but your comfort level is most important. Also, keep in mind that you will always be comfortably and modestly draped with a sheet.

If, at any time, you feel uncomfortable with the draping or massage, let us know immediately so that we can alter the session to best suit your needs and comfort level.
Client Rights
Your comfort during the massage is our utmost concern, so please let us know if you need an extra blanket, bolster, or pillow to enhance your relaxation. Our sessions include light work as well as deep, but none of the techniques are meant to be painful. If we are applying too much or too little pressure, you need to tell us immediately so that you can truly enjoy and relax the remainder of the session. Communication is key.
Intoxicant Policy
Intoxication of alcohol or drugs is not permitted, and we maintain the right to refuse to work with anyone who is under the influence of any substance. Massage increases circulation in the body which helps to remove unwanted toxins in the bloodstream. However, intoxicants may disrupt this process, which creates an unsafe and unprofessional environment. Anyone who arrives intoxicated will be asked to leave after paying the full amount for the scheduled massage.
Sexual Misconduct
Sexual misconduct is NOT tolerated, and we have the right to terminate any session should anyone act inappropriately in a sexual manner. In such a case, full payment will be due, and no future sessions will be allowed.
Cancellation/Tardiness Policy
If you need to cancel an appointment, you may do so via our online booking system, or let us know a day in advance. Cancellations within 12 hours of the scheduled time of session will result in payment of a full session.

If we have to cancel an appointment, we will provide you with at least 24 hours notice, or you will receive a complimentary session.

Please try to arrive a few minutes prior to your scheduled time to ensure a full session. If tardy by more than ten minutes, your time on the table will be adjusted accordingly and you will be charged for a full session.

To save time, please fill out our online intake form before your first session.
Tipping Policy: Never Expected, Always Appreciated
Our prices reflect what is needed for the overhead costs of running a business including rent, utilities, equipment, state licensing, insurance (liability and health), linens and other expenses including travel time and fuel expenses.

Tips can be anything you want, but 10-20% is the standard depending on the length of the massage session. Don't ever feel like you have to tip, it is a personal choice and should reflect your level of satisfaction with the service you’ve received.