Gold Suns

Gold Suns are used to replenish and fill in all the free space you released energy from after grounding. After a healing or reading, you need to fill in with your own energy, otherwise you will fill it up with the energy around you that is not your own. It is much more beneficial to fill in the empty space with an energy of your choice that suits your needs at that time.

Visualize an enormous gold sun over your head and fill it with whatever you want to bring into your life at the moment. You can bring in anything you want: joy, love, abundance, prosperity, certainty or something else. If you want to feel more loved, you can fill your sun with love.

Take an imaginary needle and pop the sun, letting that positive energy flow into the top of your head and fill up all those empty spaces. Let that feeling overflow around your body, filling you up with this new energy.

Example – at any time you are feeling drained or tired, bring in a gold sun of your own energy to refresh and reenergize yourself. It’s as simple as that!

You don’t have to wait for a moment where you’re feeling drained or exhausted from foreign energy in order to run the Gold Sun meditation. Let the sunlight in the sky be your inspiration to run the meditation, or a new desire that just lights you up with positive energy!