Intro to Powerful Energetic Tools of Healing

A few months ago, my friend Rachel and I took a class offered by the Psychic Horizons Center in Boulder, Colorado. The class was and is called “How to Heal Yourself.” It’s the intro to their Clairvoyant Program which helps you get in touch with that beautiful mystery called “energy” and learn how to read yours and others energy fields.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to walk you through an abbreviated version of the “How to Heal  Yourself” class and give you some simple tools that will help you to protect yourself from negative influences such as judgment, projection, limited thinking and unloving gestures.

We will start with the basic tool of Grounding. Then incorporate large Gold Suns. After those tools have sunk into your being, we’ll learn how to run Earth and Cosmic Energy through our bodies and protect our energy fields with the Protection Rose. We’ll then learn how to find the Center of our Heads and figure out what on earth an aura is and why we all have one. One of my favorites comes next…who is your Healing Master? Then we learn how toCreate New and Destroy Old Roses. And the final lessons will contain the information you need to learn how toHeal an Aura and Heal Energy Channels.

I hope you enjoy these lessons. They have improved my life immensely and I know they’ll do the same for you.